The wolf and the goat: first think and then act

The wolf and the goat: first think and then act

In this part of the moral story, we are going to listen to another moral story of the wolf and the goat

Once upon a time, there was a village beside a forest, That was a little hilly area. Many animals would go on a hunt for food in the forest and in the hilly area. Many times they are faced with hunting animals.

One day a goat went for a walk in the mountains to look for food. it was a little high where the grasp was also a little.

At that time a wolf was going through the path for hunting some food. He noticed the goat but it was in a higher place and it was difficult to reach the place.

So the wolf started to thought how to make the goat down as the wolf can hunt the goat easily. As he thought he asked the goat very politely.

“Hei goat how are you? What you are doing there, there is a little grass and not so green also. you can come here, here the county of grass is higher and greener.”

listening to that the goat replied, “Hey wolf I know your plan, it’s none of your business whether I am getting great grass or not, if I am getting food or not, you just want me to go down as you can hunt me easily.”

hearing that the wolf comes to know that it is very difficult to make the goat down so the wolf left from the place.

Moral of the story: first think and then act on any other word else it may be deadly.
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