The thirsty crow

The thirsty crow

Once upon a time, one hot day when the sun was on the head, one thirsty crow flew over the field. He needed some water to settle his thirst.

So he was flying here and there to find some water, after a long time of fly he becomes very tired and has no energy also.

Almost he lost him all hope, suddenly he found a jug with water. He flew towards the jug but he found the neck of the jug is too narrow to drink of the water. He tried to push his head into the jug also but alas, he can not able to reach the water to drink.

Then he tried to push the jug also to tilt as the water can flow out and he can drink the water, but the jug was too heavy to push.

He lost his hope again, but he needs to drink the water anyhow, as there was no other water which he can drink.

So he thought very hard a few times, he looked here and there and saw some stone chip. Suddenly a good idea came to his mind, and he realized that if he can put the stone chip into the water label will come up, and the crow can be able to drink the water.

As he thought he started to do the work, he flew and collect a stone chip one by one and put it into the water.

After putting a few stones into the water the water level came up enough as the crow can drink the water.

He becomes very happy to find the water which he can drink easily now, and settle his thirst by drinking the water. Thus after doing hard work and by his thought with knowledge, he reached the unreachable.

Moral of the Story: Hard work and proper planning can make the solution for every problem.