The two pots in a flood

The two pots in a flood

Once upon a time, there was a village and beside the village, a river flowed, In a house in the village there was two pot used to live, One was made of copper and the other was made of terracotta.

The copper pot always tried to make the terracotta pot down and was used to tell the terracotta pot that it was not as strong as the copper pot.

One time it was a cyclonic season. There was a flood everywhere. Many houses drowned in the flood. The house also drowned in the flood where the copper pot and the terracotta pot used to leave. Both these were washed away in the flood to a river.

The copper pot was called the terracotta pot and said, My friend, you are made of earth. You are very weak. Please come near me. I will save you.

The terracotta pot replied, Thank you, my friend. But, let me swim to the bank by myself. And after hard work, the terracotta pot was able to reach the bank of the river.

As the copper pot tried to swim, water got filled into the pot and the copper pot drowned in the river. But terracotta pot reached the bank of the river and was able to make itself safe.

Morals of the story: Weakness is not a problem to those finding a way to fight the situation.

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