The thirsty crow story in english moral story

The thirsty crow story in english moral story

In this moral story, we are going to read the thirsty crow story in english, it is a fable story that tells or inspires us to do smart work and hard work, so let’s start the moral story

Once upon a time, one hot day when the sun was on the head, one thirsty crow flew over the field. He needed some water to settle his thirst. He thought that if not get any water to settle his thirst then it could be difficult to survive for him.

So the thirsty crow was flying here and there to find some water, and after a long time of flying, he became very tired and had no energy either.

Found Some Hope

Almost he lost all hope, suddenly he found a clay pot with water. He flew towards the clay pot but he found the water in the clay pot was very low to drink the water.

At first, the crow tried to stick his head as far into the pot as possible. But the crow’s beak did not reach the water. So he failed to drink the water.

Then he tried to push the pot also to tilt as the water could flow out and he could drink the water, but the pot was too heavy to push.

Now the thirsty crow started to think of another way and after a few times of thinking, he thought another way. and now he tried to break the pot repeatedly by poking it with its beak so that the water would come out. The thirsty crow tried many times but could not break the pot. Again failed to reach the water

He lost his hope again, but he needed to drink the water anyhow, as there was no other water that he could drink.

After trying some hard work thought to using brain

So he thought very hard a few times, he looked here and there and saw some stone chips. Suddenly a good idea came to his mind, and he realized that if he could put the stone chip into the pot, the water label would come up, and the crow would be able to drink the water.

As he thought he started to do the work, he flew and collected the stone chips one by one and put them into the water.

After putting a few stones into the water the water level came up enough that the crow could drink the water.

He becomes very happy to find the water which he can drink easily now, and settle his thirst by drinking the water. Thus after doing hard work and by his thought with knowledge, he reached the unreachable.

What is the moral of the thirsty crow story in english?

The moral of the thirsty crow story in english is that intelligence and resourcefulness can help overcome challenges. It teaches the importance of using one’s wits to find solutions to problems.

A few questions and answers about the moral story: the thirsty crow story in english

  • What is the story of the thirsty crow?

    The Story of the Thirsty Crow is a popular folk tale about a clever crow who finds a way to drink water from a pitcher by dropping pebbles into it to raise the water level.

  • Who is the author of the Thirsty Crow story?

    The Thirsty Crow Story is a traditional folk tale with no specific author. It has been passed down through generations orally and has various versions across different cultures.

  • Where is the Thirsty Crow story from?

    The Thirsty Crow story has origins in ancient folklore and has been told in various cultures around the world. It does not have a specific place of origin.

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