The evil snake and pet mongoose

The evil snake and pet mongoose

Once there was a village, and in the village, there was a farmer and his baby child used to leave, the farmer also have a pet mongoose.

The little baby used to play with the mongoose and the mongoose also loved to play with the little baby. The farmer also liked and loved the mongoose.

One morning when the farmer went out for work, the baby and the mongoose were playing and one evil snake entered into the house and tried to bite the little baby.

Seeing that the mongoose started to fight with the evil snake and finally defeat the snake and cut it into pieces.

As the mongoose cut the snake by his mouth, the mongoose mouth became full of blood of the snake,

When the farmer returned returning the mongoose came out and tried to explain, but seeing the blood in the mongoose’s mouth the farmer thought that the mongoose must harm his little baby and became very angry.

And being angry his mind did not think of anything except killing the mongoose, and as though he killed the mongoose.

Now when he entered the home he found the evil snake cut into pieces and the baby is well and playing in his mind.

Now it became clear everything to the farmer and realized what a big mistake he had done in his anger, as the pet can not return and had nothing to do anymore the farmer started to cry.

Morals of the story: Don’t take any decision when you are angry, first verify and in a cool mind take any big decision.

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