The cunning wolf and the greedy crane: Don’t believe in the wrong person.

The cunning wolf and the greedy crane: Don’t believe in the wrong person.

Today we are going to tell the fabled story of the cunning wolf and the greedy crane the moral is never to wish for a reward from a cunning, so let’s start the story.

One day a wolf was very hungry and was traveling whether for finding food, Suddenly the wolf got very tasty flesh. The wolf could not handle the greed of the flesh. So the wolf started eating very quickly.

Suddenly a meat bone stuck to the neck of the wolf during the quick eating. And the joy became painful soon to the wolf.

The wolf tried hard to get the meat bone out of the throat but failed. He asked too many animals and birds to take it out and if anyone will succeed to take out the meat bone, the wolf is going to reward him. But no one agreed.

Finally, one crane was passing through the path, and seeing the crane the wolf called him and asked him to take out the bone. But the crane refused to do so at first, then the wolf tolled the crane that if the crane could take out the bone from his thought, he will reward the crane also it’s very easy to take out the bone from the wolfs through as the crane has a long beak. And hearing that the crane agreed to the greed of rewording.

By trying some time and hard work the crane finally took out, and the wolf gets relaxed then. Now the crane asked for the reword, and hearing that the wolf told with anger that the crane is still alive after put on its head into the mouth of a wolf and it was a great reward for the crane.

Now the crane came to know that he is not going to get anything for his work and he believed in the wrong person.
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