The liar cowboy and the tiger

The liar cowboy and the tiger

Once there lived a cowboy in a village. He used to tend cows in a field located beside a jungle. He was very wicked and love to make fun by telling lies to people. So the villagers would not like him. One day, he was grassing his cows. Suddenly, he thought to make some fun with the villagers. So, he started shouting Tiger, tiger, tiger, help, help, and help. The villagers heard the sought. They came to the spot as fast as possible and found there was no tiger. They only saw the cowboy laughing at them and telling them how fool I made you people. They became annoyed and warned him not to make fun in such a way.

After a few days, the cowboy made the same trick again. The villagers rushed to the place again to help him. But again, they found nothing. They became very angry and leave the place. The boy got much amused and the cowboy laughed at them and told them how fool I made you people.

But one day a real tiger came and attacked the cows and the cowboy. The cowboy got frightened. He shouted loudly to get help. But this time no villager came to rescue him. Somehow the boy managed his life by getting up a tree. Thus he faced a fearful experience of telling lies.

Morals of the story: Nobody believes a liar. So don’t tell a lie.

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