The farmer and the injured snake story

The farmer and the injured snake story

The moral story of the farmer and the injured snake:
Once Upon a Time, there was a farmer who lived in a village, He had a firm where he used to grow greens and to grow greens he needs to go to the firm or field everyday morning.

One very frozen cold morning while the farmer was walking through his field, he saw that a snake was lying injured beside his field and if it’s not warmed up or taken care it must die,

The farmer felt very kind about it, So the farmer picks up the snake and placed it into his bosom knowing how deadly it may be to pick up the snake.

Now when the snake got enough strength it bit the farmer, who had been very kind to it. After a few movements, while the farmer feels that he is going to die, The farmer told to the passer-by, “Take a lesson from me, Don’t believe some person who never changed their nature.”

Moral of the story: Don’t believe in a who never changes their nature.