A blind man with fuel light lamp

Once upon a time, there was a blind man, use to leave in a house of a village, every day he uses to walk a little distance and take dinner while returning it is pitch dark night as its a village area, and the blind man uses to take a lamp light with him.

From a few days, a group of people noticed that some of them have started to pass some comment to the man, The blind man not feeling good as he has to hear the comment. That what the need of light for a blind man, The blind man got light, etc,

One day one boy has asked directly to the blind man that why he used to do like that,

Then the blind man replayed that the light is not for me, who can not able to see, its the light for them who can see, as from a distance they can able to understand a man is coming and I can be able to save myself from an unwanted puss.

Moral of the story: Never comment while not know the proper reason.

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