The Day Dreaming Monk : There is no other option of hard work

The Day Dreaming Monk : There is no other option of hard work

Once upon a time, there was a monk, His household costing was earned by bagging only, He was very lazing to work, Most of the time he wishes to lie down, and show daydream to be rich.

One he Weak up and after getting a little fresh he got out for begging for food, After a little walk he got som milk in his boul, Getting that the monk returned to his home, and then made the milk warm and drank half of the milk and put the rest of half milk in a jar for letter uses,

After that the bagger lied down and started to show the daydreams, He started to think that he will make a poultry farm, then when he has a lot of poultry he will sell them, the money he will earn from the firm, he will use that to purchase some cows, he will sell the milk of the cows and letter he will sell the cows also, then when he will get more money selling the cows he will make a little business, The business will get bigger and he will make a beautiful house, then he will purchase a car and then he will marry a beautiful woman, then he will get 2 beautiful kids and he will teach them a lesson, When the kids will not obey his words he will beat them with a stick,

Thus in the daydreams, he picked up his stick, which he uses to use for walking during the beginning and broke the begging bowl thinking that he is beating his kids,

When the bowl broke he came to consciousness and thought what he has done, Now he will not able to get food in his begging bowl.

Thus the daydreaming monk realized that daydreaming is evil for him,

Moral of the story: There is no other option of hard work.
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