How can be travel through time a amazing science

How can be travel through time a amazing science

How can be travel through time a amazing science

Once upon a time there were two sisters Laxmi and Sarawati, The age of Lakshmi was 25 and the age of Saraswati was 30 years.

One day Laxmi made a plan to travel on a very huge speed. And to make the plan fulfill she went to her grandfather Bramha, have discussed her plan in detail. and then Bramha told Lakshmi to come back in a few days to him, as he will provide her a vehicle for the travel.

As discussed with Bramha, Lakshmi went to him and asked for the vehicle and Brmha given the vehicle to her which can travel at 95% of light speed,

Now Laxmi started her travel in 95% of light speed and she returned after one year, After come back she was very interested to share her traveling details with her beloved sister Saraswati, So she started to find out her sister.


After a long time of finding when she saw her sister she becomes sad as she saw that her sister is no more yang, Saraswati’s age become around 60 years, She becomes old, In same time Saraswati thinking that her sister is looking like same-aged yang when she went for the travel. And after a while the two sisters shearing there feelings and story hugging each other.

Now the calculation of how it becomes possible
The Special Relativity has one aspect about Time Dilation and it is:

t = t0/(1-v2/c2)1/2

t = time observed in the other reference frame
t0 = time in observers own frame of reference (rest time)
v = the speed of the moving object
c = the speed of light in a vacuum

so in our problem we will let v = .95c, t0 = 10 years and we will solve for t which is the time that the earth bound brother measures.

t = 10/(1- (.95c)2/c2)1/2
t = 10/(1- .952)1/2
t = 10/ .312
t = 32 years
Now when Laxmi started her travel she was 25 years old and one years of her travel time in 95% of light speed she become 26 years old,
In the same time
Saraswati was 30 years old while Laxmi started her travel and in a normal frame she spend 32 years and become 62 years of old.
Now question is if there was a change in inertial and non-inertial frame?
Confused there is naturally exist time posing meter named black-hole.

Moral of the story: science is amazing


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