A boulder placed by the king on the road : Hard work can bring anything

A boulder placed by the king on the road : Hard work can bring anything

Long-time ago there was a beautiful kingdom and a very good king. One day the king got a plan in his brain. He thought to give some gift to the hard worker, As he thought he placed a boulder on a busy road to see who is the hard worker, wish to make the boulder away from the road. Now he watched the activities of the people passing by the road beside the boulder.

First, some people who are the worker of the king passed beside the boulder, they stopped and watch towards the bolder for a few times and then left from there. After some time some people came, they have not reacted anything seeing the boulder and just left from the position. After some more time, a few people came there and speak and blamed the king, seeing the bolder that the king is unable to keep the busy road clean.

The king became very disappointed seeing that the people of his kingdom are too careless and laze that they have not removed the bolder from the road after few days passed, while the bolder was making a problem to pass through the road.

Then after a few days later, a vegetable seller came near the bolder, he makes his vegetable van stand beside the road, and started to puss the bolder to remove the bolder from the road, It was very big so it was very difficult to remove the bolder from the road. But he continuously tried to make the bolder away. After some time of trying he became successful to make the bolder away from the road.

When he makes the bolder away and placed the bolder beside the road he found that there was a little bag full of the gold coin under the bolder. The vegetable seller picks the bag up and found a latter. And in the letter, there was a written message of the king, ‘who will make the bolder away from the road, he will be the owner of the gold coin’.

Moral of the story: Hard work can bring anything, while laziness can not get anywhere.
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