Akbar’s great advisor Birbal’s Wisdom

Akbar’s great advisor Birbal’s Wisdom

Once in India, there was a king called Akbar, Among his adviser, Birbal was one of the best. One day, Akbar lost his ring which was given by his father. When Birbal arrived at the court, Akbar told him that he have lost his ring and the ring was given by his father as a gift, so asked for help to find out the ring.

Hearing that Birbal replied not to worry, he is going to find out the ring soon.

Birbal also said that the ring is in the court itself, and the ring is with one of the courtiers. The courtier who has a straw in his beard has the royal ring.

The courtier who have stolen the ring was shocked and moved his hand over his beard. Birbal noticed the activity and asked the King to search the courtiers pointing toward the courtier.

Akbar immediately orders to search the courtier and find the royal ring. Akbar was shocked and could not understand how Birbal had managed to find the ring. Then Birbalexplained to Akbar that a guilty person is always scared.

Morals of the story: A guilty person has to stay in fear.

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