Advice of Buddhas devotee to the angry snake : Do not be so kind that crosses of end of everything

Today we are going to listen to a moral story or fable, that told us that Do not be so kind that comes off the end of everything. So let the story begin.

Once upon a time there was a village and beside the village, there was a forest, In the way of the forest the villagers need to go to the market which was located in the other village, On the way of the forest, there was a banyan tree, below the tree one snake used to live. When any villager uses to travel through the way below the banyan tree they have to very careful as the snake used to bite who passing nearby him.

Thus villagers became very disappointed and thought that they need a release from the snake. But who will take the snake away from there? So they cant able to make the snake away as no one agreed to take the snake away taking risk of life.

One day one of the best followers and devotees of god Buddha was passing throw the way of the forest and while he came near the banyan tree, the snake rushes to him and attempted to bite. at that time he told the snake to no to bite anybody from that day. The snake was also agreed with the follower of the god.

Now the snake does not rush to anybody, do not bite also. So the passerby uses to neglect the snake, but some boy also uses to hit the snake. But the snake does not use to make a sound also.

One day some bad village boy came under the tree and bitten the snake badly and the snake became heavily wounded to near to death, this time also the snake did not make a hiss also.

A few time letter the followers of the god was passing through the same way. He noticed the snake was lying near to death. He gone to the near of the snake and asked about the situation, The snake told him everything,

Listening all the devotee replied that he told the nake to not to bite anybody . but he does not tell him to not to make a hiss to make mankind afraid.

Moral of the story: Do not be so kind that crosses of end of everything.

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