A cat and a fox’s discussion about hounds

A cat and a fox’s discussion about hounds

Once upon a time, there was a jungle and in the wilderness, there was a cat and a fox used to live, One day the cat and the fox were discussing the hounds.

The cat said: The hounds are very nasty animals, they are used to hunting and killing us, So I hate them.

The fox said: I also hate the hounds even more than you,

The cat asked: How did you save yourself from the hounds?

The fox replied: there are so many tricks to get away from the hounds.

The cat Asked: Please explain the tricks you are used to getting red from the hounds

The fox smiled and started to reply, They are simple and easy, I can hide behind thick drives. I can run along thorny hedged. I can hide in burrows. There are numerous further similar tricks

Now the fox asked the cat: what tricks you used to save yourself from them?

When the cat’s turn came he found that many hounds are coming towards them, so The cat replied, I am going to do you write now, because, the hounds are coming.

Saying these words, the cat ran up a near tree safe from the hounds. The fox tried all his tricks but the hounds outbreak him.
Now the cat thought in his mind that: My one trick is better than all his tricks.

Morals of the story: Sometimes it is better to be a master of one than the jack of many things.

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