King Robert Bruce and the spider in cave – a short story

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King Robert Bruce and the spider in a cave – a short story
Once upon a time, there was a king named Robert Bruch, He was the king of
Scotland. One day the English King attacked his kingdom and defeated him
in the war. And after defeated he has to leave the battlefield. Then several times he tried to gather his forces and fight against the English
king to free his kingdom and man from the English king, but he was defeated
all the time. And after many wars he gave up and become very sad, he has
not any more energy to fight another war, he becomes wounded also. Finally, he took shelter in a cave to save his life in a jangle. He was sitting there
in a very sad mode. Suddenly he noticed that there was a spider tried to
climb up on the wall of the cave, to reach its net on the roof of the cave. After climbing up a little it failed and fell on the ground due to the sandy wall of
the cave. It tried again and again but failed and fell on the ground all the time.
One time it reached very near its net but failed to reach a little distance and
fell on the ground again, It became wounded also. Now the king was waiting to see what the spider will do now, as it was wounded
also, and the king thought it must give up now. But he surprised to see that it started to climb up again to reach its destination,
and after trying very hard it reached its goal.
King Robert Bruce and the spider in a cave – a short story

Now the king realized that if a little spider can reach its destination, by making

his goal and have tried a very hard work to reach, Why he can’t be able to?
Now the king made proper planning and gathering his all forces once again
and fought a battle against the English king, And after a big battle he won the
the battle, and made free his man and country from the English king, and the king
Robert Bruch becomes the king of his country again.

Moral: Never give up, try again and again until you get the success.