Top 5 stories which will really motivate you

Motivation can come from various sources, and stories are a powerful tool to ignite your inner fire. Here are 5 stories that will surely motivate you:


A kind act, like offering a glass of milk to someone in need, can come back to you in unexpected ways, showing the power of kindness and good deeds.


Robert Bruce was a great king and his story says how he did not give up and finally win the battle taking learning from a spider in a cave.


A daydreaming monk neglects his duties, leading to consequences that force him to confront the importance of living in the present and fulfilling his responsibilities.


Mind is the ruler is an inspirational moral story on elephant rope & trained animals of a circus & climbing on mount Everest with a damaged leg

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Don’t lose the diamonds of your own field the story of farmer and teacher, where a teacher is trying to guide a farmer to find diamond

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