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On a scorching summer day, a crow soared through the parched land, desperately searching for water. The sun beat down mercilessly, and his throat felt like sandpaper.

He scanned the ground, hoping to find a glimmer of water in a puddle or stream. But alas, everything was dry and cracked. His hope began to dwindle.

Just as he was about to give up, he spotted a small earthenware pot in a faraway garden. With renewed energy, he flapped his wings and landed beside the pot.

But to his dismay, the water level was so low that his beak couldn't reach it. Dejected, he almost resigned himself to his fate.

Then, an idea struck him. He gathered small pebbles scattered around the garden and started dropping them one by one into the pot.

With each pebble dropped, the water level rose slightly. He continued tirelessly, his determination growing with every pebble.

Finally, after much effort, the water level rose enough for him to quench his thirst. He drank deeply, feeling the cool water revitalize his parched body.

The crow learned a valuable lesson that day. With wit and perseverance, even seemingly impossible challenges can be overcome.

Similarly we have to use our brain to overcome any difficult setujation

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