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Welcome to Fables Bok, The site is for motivational moral stories for kids in English which will help in growths in life to find a way and to make strong mentality and will make focused on goal

Motivational stories

Fable Story

What is a fable Story?

A fable is a short story in which characters are non-human with human-like activities, Sometimes there is maybe human but they act like a normal character as the birds or animals or reptiles are acts.
In the case of fables mainly the human is replaced with non-human characters like tiger or bird or fish etc. And they play a role for some moral which will help life long.

Moral story

What is a moral story

The moral word comes from a Latin word mores, Which means habit. A moral story suppose to teach a person and the kids to be a better person in society. A moral story’s characters may be some animals or birds or any kind of creature also can be human and gods. Moral stands for good or ethical. If a person has a good moral character he will be a good person in society. And the person can be called “the person with morality”.