Never show a negative attitude in your work : The story of an ant , a fable or may be real life

Every day, a tiny ant arrives at work terribly early and commenced operating.

She produces lots and he or she was terribly happy

The chief Lion was stunned to hear that the ant was operating while not direction.

He thought if the ant will manufacture most while not an oversight, wouldn’t she manufacture even a lot of if she had a supervisor!

So he requited a cockroach WHO has intensive expertise as a supervisor and WHO was famed for writing wonderful reports.

The cockroach’s initial call was to line up a duration attending system.

He conjointly required a secretary to assist him writing and kind his reports and …

he requited a Spider, World Health Organization manage the archives and monitored all phone calls,

The Lion was delighted with the cockroach’s reports and asked him to provide graphs to explain production rats and analyze trends, so he may use them for presentation at board’s conferences

So the dictyopterous insect bought a pc and an electrostatic printer and…

recut a fly to manage its department.

The ant, World Health Organization had once been therefore productive and relaxed, detested this new superfluity of work and meeting that spent most of her time….!!!

The Lion came to the conclusion that it absolutely was time to nominate someone responsible for the department wherever the ant worked.

The position was given to the cicada, whose 1st call was to shop for a carpet Associate in Nursingd an applied science chair for his workplace.

The new person responsible, the cicada, conjointly required a laptop and a private assistant, World Health Organization he brought from the previous department, to assist him to prepare a piece and stay management strategic optimization arrange…

The department wherever the hymenopteron works is currently a tragic place, wherever no one lough any longer and everyone becomes upset…

It was at that point that the cicada convinced the boss, the Lion, of absolutely the necessity to start out an environmental condition study of the surroundings.

Having reviewed the fees for running the ant’s department, the lion realized that the assembly was abundant but before. therefore he recruited the bird of night, a prestigious Associate in Nursingd famed authority to hold out an audit and recommend solutions.

The owl spent three months within the department and came up with a vast report, in many volumes, That concludes: The department is overstaffed …

Guess Who the lion fires first………

The ant, of course, because she showed a lack of motivation and had a negative attitude.

Moral of the Story: Never show a negative attitude in your work.

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