How can be travel through time a amazing science

Once upon a time there were two sisters Laxmi and Sarawati, The age of Lakshmi was 25 and the age of Saraswati was 30 years.

How can be travel through time a amazing science : A Moral Story

One day Laxmi made a plan to travel on a very huge speed. And to make the plan fulfill she went to her grandfather Bramha, have discussed her plan in detail. and then Bramha told Lakshmi to come back in a few days to him, as he will provide her a vehicle for the travel.

How can be travel through time a amazing science : A Moral Story

As discussed with Bramha, Lakshmi went to him and asked for the vehicle and Brmha given the vehicle to her which can travel at 95% of light speed,

How can be travel through time a amazing science : A Moral Story

Now Laxmi started her travel in 95% of light speed and she returned after one year, After come back she was very interested to share her traveling details with her beloved sister Saraswati, So she started to find out her sister.

How can be travel through time a amazing science : A Moral Story

After a long time of finding when she saw her sister she becomes sad as she saw that her sister is no more yang, Saraswati’s age become around 60 years, She becomes old, In same time Saraswati thinking that her sister is looking like same-aged yang when she went for the travel. And after a while the two sisters shearing there feelings and story hugging each other.

How can be travel through time a amazing science : A Moral Story

Now the calculation of how it becomes possible
The Special Relativity has one aspect about Time Dilation and it is:

t = t0/(1-v2/c2)1/2

t = time observed in the other reference frame
t0 = time in observers own frame of reference (rest time)
v = the speed of the moving object
c = the speed of light in a vacuum

so in our problem we will let v = .95c, t0 = 10 years and we will solve for t which is the time that the earth bound brother measures.

t = 10/(1- (.95c)2/c2)1/2
t = 10/(1- .952)1/2
t = 10/ .312
t = 32 years
Now when Laxmi started her travel she was 25 years old and one years of her travel time in 95% of light speed she become 26 years old,
In the same time
Saraswati was 30 years old while Laxmi started her travel and in a normal frame she spend 32 years and become 62 years of old.
Now question is if there was a change in inertial and non-inertial frame?
Confused there is naturally exist time posing meter named black-hole.

Moral of the story: science is amazing

Don’t Lose Diamonds of Your Own Field

Long-time ago, there was a farmer and his name was Haran, cultivating each day on his farm and a teacher named Haden, use to go to his school through the path seeing that the farmer cultivating

One day the teacher (Haden) called the farmer for some discussion and asked to him that if he has seen the diamond in his life, The farmer replied no he has not seen any diamond in his hole life and he becomes confused that why teacher asked him about the diamond,

Now inside the farmer’s brain, there is only a diamond and he decided to get some diamond and for that, he left his house and send his wife to his in-law’s house and sold his house and left for finding a diamond.

He traveled in many countries and regions but failed to found a diamond, and become very upset and sad.

Now he becomes very ill and wasted his all money and then in depression he committed suicide by jumping into the Satadru river.

Now in other hand after someday the teacher again passing through the field and seen that another farmer cultivating in that field named Jiban, The teacher asked the farmer that there was cultivating some other farmer name Haran where is he, Jiban reply that he sold his house and all property and went somewhere else to find something,

Now Jiban asked the teacher to come to his house and drink some tea, and the teacher has done so, and went to his house and taken some tea,

During drinking tea he found some stone on the desk of the Jiban’s House and asked him that where did he found that?

Jiban replied that he found the stone while he was digging his field, and it looks good so he kept that and use to bring that to his house,

Now the teacher asked him for leave, and during that, they were discussing, that he tried to make Haran understood that below his field there is s mining of Diamond and he can be able to easily find that.

Moral of The Story: Don’t Lose The Diamond of Your Own Field, There are many people to advice you but don’t be get misunderstood.

Mind is the Ruler – A Story for Kids

An inspirational moral stories – Mind is the ruler: Once a traveler passing through a camp of circus and the traveler found that an elephant is tied with a tiny rope with a little tree in the elephant leg, the traveler becomes surprised and found the owner of the elephant, as the traveler was too much surprised he asked the owner of the elephant, that how it is possible to keep an elephant in such a way, then the owner replayed, when the elephant was little I use to tied it with a rough with a pillar and the elephant tried to break the pillar and tried to untie, but every time it failed and slowly it is injected to its mind that it is impossible to untie. this the elephant is not trying to untie itself anymore.

Till then the traveler has questions and the owner tried to understand the traveler and he told that if an elephant falls into a drain it needs to a crain to bring it up, but in the circus when the ringmaster ordered an elephant it stands up in a boll where is not so much space for keeping the elephants 4 legs also.

similarly, when a man lost in a forest he tried to make him safe by fire, he uses to make a fire camp and it helps to stay far the animals, but in order of a ringmaster tiger also use to jump through fire with huge flame.

Now a real inspirational story:

Arunima Sinha was born in 1988. She was a national level volleyball player who was pushed from a running train by some robbers in 2011 while she was resisting them. When the people and rail employees found her, she was in a very bad condition and her life was in danger and she was taken to the hospital. And one of her legs has to cut off below the knee to save her life. When she got back her seance she found that her one leg was gone, And that time she decides to climb up on Mount Everest. She aimed to climb all the continents’ highest peaks and hoist the national flag of India. She has already done six peaks: Everest in Asia, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Europe, Kosciuszko in Australia, Aconcagua in Argentina and Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) in Indonesia.

Moral of the story: Mind is the ruler, set your mind with all your force for the goal and you will get it

Never show a negative attitude in your work : The story of an ant , a fable or may be real life

Every day, a tiny ant arrives at work terribly early and commenced operating.

She produces lots and he or she was terribly happy

The chief Lion was stunned to hear that the ant was operating while not direction.

He thought if the ant will manufacture most while not an oversight, wouldn’t she manufacture even a lot of if she had a supervisor!

So he requited a cockroach WHO has intensive expertise as a supervisor and WHO was famed for writing wonderful reports.

The cockroach’s initial call was to line up a duration attending system.

He conjointly required a secretary to assist him writing and kind his reports and …

he requited a Spider, World Health Organization manage the archives and monitored all phone calls,

The Lion was delighted with the cockroach’s reports and asked him to provide graphs to explain production rats and analyze trends, so he may use them for presentation at board’s conferences

So the dictyopterous insect bought a pc and an electrostatic printer and…

recut a fly to manage its department.

The ant, World Health Organization had once been therefore productive and relaxed, detested this new superfluity of work and meeting that spent most of her time….!!!

The Lion came to the conclusion that it absolutely was time to nominate someone responsible for the department wherever the ant worked.

The position was given to the cicada, whose 1st call was to shop for a carpet Associate in Nursingd an applied science chair for his workplace.

The new person responsible, the cicada, conjointly required a laptop and a private assistant, World Health Organization he brought from the previous department, to assist him to prepare a piece and stay management strategic optimization arrange…

The department wherever the hymenopteron works is currently a tragic place, wherever no one lough any longer and everyone becomes upset…

It was at that point that the cicada convinced the boss, the Lion, of absolutely the necessity to start out an environmental condition study of the surroundings.

Having reviewed the fees for running the ant’s department, the lion realized that the assembly was abundant but before. therefore he recruited the bird of night, a prestigious Associate in Nursingd famed authority to hold out an audit and recommend solutions.

The owl spent three months within the department and came up with a vast report, in many volumes, That concludes: The department is overstaffed …

Guess Who the lion fires first………

The ant, of course, because she showed a lack of motivation and had a negative attitude.

Moral of the Story: Never show a negative attitude in your work.

Advice of god : Do work properly

One day there was a meeting of gods in God Indra’s capital, so all god came to there including Narada Muni, there was too much talking, suddenly one god asked a question that who the true devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Many of them imminently replayed that obviously the Narada Muni who use to take the name of the God Narayana all the time. Some of the gods has not become angry with that. So they decided to go to Lord Vishnu and ask him about that.

So they came to the Lord Vishnu’s House and described all situation in front of him. And hearing all Lord Vishnu told that there was a farmer in a village who is his true divot.

Herring that Narada Mini become angry and asked Lord Vishnu that how can it be possible while all the time I use to take your name and you are all for me.

Then The God Vishnu replayed In the correct situation I will take a test. And after a few time left of that. one day God Vishnu called Narada Muni, and given him a pot of oil and asked him to move towards him for 7 times. The pot was totally full as one more drop will no be stored there and asked Narada Muni that One drop of oil must not fall into the ground.

Narada Muni was started to move towards him or rounded him 7 times and have not dropped one drop of oil also. and completing the 7 times Narada Muni told Lord Vishnu with very joy that he had successfully completed his order.

Then Lord Vishnu asked Narada Muni that how many time Narada Muni has taken his name?

There was no answer to Narada Muni as he has not taken his name for a single time also. Then Lord replayed to Narada Muni that…

The farmer uses to work as much as he can and sometimes while he can able to make some time with difficulty he just uses to take my name for once or twice, but he did his work carefully and also he has not forgotten me. so he is the true devotee of me.

Moral of the story: Gog also wants that a man will do his work properly.

King Robert Bruce and the spider in cave : Never give up

Once upon a time, there was a king named Robert Bruch, He was the king of Scotland. One day the English King attacked his kingdom and defeated him in the war. And after defeated he has to leave the battlefield.

Then several times he tried to gather his forces and fight against the English king to free his kingdom and man from the English king, but he was defeated all the time. And after many wars he gave up and become very sad, he has not any more energy to fight another war, he becomes wounded also.

Finally, he took shelter in a cave to save his life in a jangle. He was sitting there in a very sad mode. Suddenly he noticed that there was a spider tried to climb up on the wall of the cave, to reach its net on the roof of the cave.

After climbing up a little it failed and fell on the ground due to the sandy wall of the cave. It tried again and again but failed and fell on the ground all the time.

One time it reached very near its net but failed to reach a little distance and fell on the ground again, It became wounded also.

Now the king was waiting to see what the spider will do now, as it was wounded also, and the king thought it must give up now.

But he surprised to see that it started to climb up again to reach its destination, and after trying very hard it reached its goal.

Now the king realized that if a little spider can reach its destination, by making his goal and have tried a very hard work to reach, Why he can’t be able to?

Now the king made proper planning and gathering his all forces once again and fought a battle against the English king, And after a big battle he won the battle and made free his man and country from the English king, and the king Robert Bruch becomes the king of his country again.

Moral: Never give up, try again and again until you get the success.

Advice of Buddhas devotee to the angry snake : Do not be so kind that crosses of end of everything

Today we are going to listen to a moral story or fable, that told us that Do not be so kind that comes off the end of everything. So let the story begin.

Once upon a time there was a village and beside the village, there was a forest, In the way of the forest the villagers need to go to the market which was located in the other village, On the way of the forest, there was a banyan tree, below the tree one snake used to live. When any villager uses to travel through the way below the banyan tree they have to very careful as the snake used to bite who passing nearby him.

Thus villagers became very disappointed and thought that they need a release from the snake. But who will take the snake away from there? So they cant able to make the snake away as no one agreed to take the snake away taking risk of life.

One day one of the best followers and devotees of god Buddha was passing throw the way of the forest and while he came near the banyan tree, the snake rushes to him and attempted to bite. at that time he told the snake to no to bite anybody from that day. The snake was also agreed with the follower of the god.

Now the snake does not rush to anybody, do not bite also. So the passerby uses to neglect the snake, but some boy also uses to hit the snake. But the snake does not use to make a sound also.

One day some bad village boy came under the tree and bitten the snake badly and the snake became heavily wounded to near to death, this time also the snake did not make a hiss also.

A few time letter the followers of the god was passing through the same way. He noticed the snake was lying near to death. He gone to the near of the snake and asked about the situation, The snake told him everything,

Listening all the devotee replied that he told the nake to not to bite anybody . but he does not tell him to not to make a hiss to make mankind afraid.

Moral of the story: Do not be so kind that crosses of end of everything.

Complaining to the wise man : Worrying cannot solve the problem, it can only make people depressed and waste time

A long time ago there was a village and in the village, there was a wise man, people from a long long distance came to him for his advice, Some people also came to him frequently in short time duration, And complaining about the same issue all the time they came to the wise man.

One day he decided to tell a joke to them, as he thought he told a joke to them, Most of them laughed loudly. After a few minutes, the wise man repeated the same joke now a few people only laughed, again he replied the same joke, Now none of them laughed.

Then the wise man smiled and told to them that if they cannot laugh in the same joke every time, then why they cried over and over at the same problem.

Moral of the story: Worrying cannot solve the problem, it can only make people depressed and waste time.

The DayDreaming Monk : There is no other option of hard work

Once upon a time, there was a monk, His household costing was earned by bagging only, He was very lazing to work, Most of the time he wishes to lie down, and show daydream to be rich.

One he Weak up and after getting a little fresh he got out for begging for food, After a little walk he got som milk in his boul, Getting that the monk returned to his home, and then made the milk warm and drank half of the milk and put the rest of half milk in a jar for letter uses,

After that the bagger lied down and started to show the daydreams, He started to think that he will make a poultry farm, then when he has a lot of poultry he will sell them, the money he will earn from the firm, he will use that to purchase some cows, he will sell the milk of the cows and letter he will sell the cows also, then when he will get more money selling the cows he will make a little business, The business will get bigger and he will make a beautiful house, then he will purchase a car and then he will marry a beautiful woman, then he will get 2 beautiful kids and he will teach them a lesson, When the kids will not obey his words he will beat them with a stick,

Thus in the daydreams, he picked up his stick, which he uses to use for walking during the beginning and broke the begging bowl thinking that he is beating his kids,

When the bowl broke he came to consciousness and thought what he has done, Now he will not able to get food in his begging bowl.

Thus the daydreaming monk realized that daydreaming is evil for him,

Moral of the story: There is no other option of hard work.

A short story of the Grasshopper and the Ant : Do your work on time

Once there was a field there used to leave many creatures, among theme there were a grasshopper and an ant. The grasshopper was very lazy and spend his time playing guitar or relaxedly shitting or by slept and don’t use to do any work.

But the ant used to work day and night to collect food and necessary things and also stored the foods and necessary things for the future.

Most of the day the Gresshoper asked the ant to do some rest and spend time relaxing like the grasshopper with him. As they are a good friend also the ant refused to do so and also asked for doing some work and make some savings for the future, But the grasshopper refused and relaxed and started his laziness.

A few days later the winter came, All the outer side becomes frozen and becomes hard to leave for any creature outside of his home.

So it became very hard to survive for the grasshopper, as he has not collected any food and have not made a proper home also.

On the other side, the ant made many savings to survive the winter, And he used to take rest in the winter as its very cold and frozen to go outside.

Now one day came while there was no way to survive for the grasshopper and he realized that the death will come soon, He came to the door of the ant and requested to save him with bowed hands.

Then the ant took his friend to his home and given some hot shoop when the grasshopper becomes warm after taking the hot shoop, he has given thanks to his friend for saving his life, but the ant told him that do proper work and save for future will allow help him.

For mankind also it is happening the same, in the case of students mainly, they do not study and left for the future and finds a hip of the syllabus at the time of the exam.

Moral of the story: Do your work on time.