Never show a negative attitude in your work : The story of an ant , a fable or may be real life

Every day, a tiny ant arrives at work terribly early and commenced operating.

She produces lots and he or she was terribly happy

The chief Lion was stunned to hear that the ant was operating while not direction.

He thought if the ant will manufacture most while not an oversight, wouldn’t she manufacture even a lot of if she had a supervisor!

So he requited a cockroach WHO has intensive expertise as a supervisor and WHO was famed for writing wonderful reports.

The cockroach’s initial call was to line up a duration attending system.

He conjointly required a secretary to assist him writing and kind his reports and …

he requited a Spider, World Health Organization manage the archives and monitored all phone calls,

The Lion was delighted with the cockroach’s reports and asked him to provide graphs to explain production rats and analyze trends, so he may use them for presentation at board’s conferences

So the dictyopterous insect bought a pc and an electrostatic printer and…

recut a fly to manage its department.

The ant, World Health Organization had once been therefore productive and relaxed, detested this new superfluity of work and meeting that spent most of her time….!!!

The Lion came to the conclusion that it absolutely was time to nominate someone responsible for the department wherever the ant worked.

The position was given to the cicada, whose 1st call was to shop for a carpet Associate in Nursingd an applied science chair for his workplace.

The new person responsible, the cicada, conjointly required a laptop and a private assistant, World Health Organization he brought from the previous department, to assist him to prepare a piece and stay management strategic optimization arrange…

The department wherever the hymenopteron works is currently a tragic place, wherever no one lough any longer and everyone becomes upset…

It was at that point that the cicada convinced the boss, the Lion, of absolutely the necessity to start out an environmental condition study of the surroundings.

Having reviewed the fees for running the ant’s department, the lion realized that the assembly was abundant but before. therefore he recruited the bird of night, a prestigious Associate in Nursingd famed authority to hold out an audit and recommend solutions.

The owl spent three months within the department and came up with a vast report, in many volumes, That concludes: The department is overstaffed …

Guess Who the lion fires first………

The ant, of course, because she showed a lack of motivation and had a negative attitude.

Moral of the Story: Never show a negative attitude in your work.

A blind man with fuel light lamp

Once upon a time, there was a blind man, use to leave in a house of a village, every day he uses to walk a little distance and take dinner while returning it is pitch dark night as its a village area, and the blind man uses to take a lamp light with him.

From a few days, a group of people noticed that some of them have started to pass some comment to the man, The blind man not feeling good as he has to hear the comment. That what the need of light for a blind man, The blind man got light, etc,

One day one boy has asked directly to the blind man that why he used to do like that,

Then the blind man replayed that the light is not for me, who can not able to see, its the light for them who can see, as from a distance they can able to understand a man is coming and I can be able to save myself from an unwanted puss.

Moral of the story: Never comment while not know the proper reason.

A fable of a boy returning by a train : never judge one without properly knowing the person

One day some people were traveling at a cabin of a train in one seat, there was sitting a very young boy and his mother and his father, and on the other side seat there was sitting some arrogant boys and girls,

The boy sitting with his mother and father was watching the outside through the window of the moving train,

Now suddenly the boy in a loud and excited voice told his father and mother that “Father! Mother! look the Tree is moving behind”

After some time the boy again become excited and told his mother and father in a loud voice that “Mom! Dad! look the house is also running behind”.

Now the arrogant boys and girls are feeling irritated and looked to the boy with a strange sight.

After some time the boy again loudly told to his parents that “Look look the clouds are running with us”.

Now the boys and girls sitting on the other side told the father and mother of the boy that, Why they are not taking the boy to a good hospital.

The parent replayed that “Yea we are coming from the hospital, after checkup of the boy”.”He got his eyes today after 12 years.”, “The boy was on born blind”.

Moral of the story: never judge one without properly knowing the person.

Two crow and the snake

Once upon a time, there was a forest located beside a village. In the Forrest, there was a big tree, and on the tree, there was a nest of two crows. in the same tree there were quotes and in the quotes a black snake use to leave.

Many times the family of crow laid an egg, and though there will be children of them. But the black snake use to eat the egg. Seeing that both crows use to cry but they have nothing to do. And while it becomes extreme both crows started to thought about how to overcome the situation.

So they decided to discuss with a fox who use to leave under a tree located just beside the tree where the crow and the snake used to leave.

The two crows came to the fox and told him the situation in detail. Hearing that the fox advised that if they have to handle the situation then there is the only way to kill the snake.

hearing that both crows replayed that how can they be able to to that as the snake is stronger than them and the black snake may eat them also.

Hearing that the fox smiled and replayed that take a breath and wait for the correct situation and take the decision from the brain. and not get angry.

He also replayed beside the forest there is a village. and in the village pond, the king of the village use to take bath. and when the king will take bath they have to take a costly thing of the king and fly. He also advises dropping the thing into the black snake’s quotes.

While the thing will be taken by the army of the king they will kill the snake and your children will be safe but you have to fly high taking the thing as there is a huge risk.

Hearing that the lady crow flew towards the village and have seen that the king was taking bath in the pond and he has put his all clothes and the costly things besides the pond. The crow took the necklaces of the king and fly high.

Seeing that the king gave orders to his army to take back the necklaces . and the army started to run following the crow and they have thrown a stone towards the crow and it has not touched the crow as she was flying high.

As discussed with the fox the crow dropped the necklaces into the quotes of the tree where the black snake was leaving.

When the army tried to take the necklaces they have seen that there is a snake. and usually, they have killed the snake and take the necklaces to the king.

On the other hand, the family of the crow use to live happily and have laid eggs, and they have children now also.

Moral of the story: He has the power who use to take the decision from the brain.

The king and his foolish monkey servant : A enemy is better than a foolish friend

Once upon a time, there was a king in a village. He was very loving towards the animal. He has many pets, among them a monkey was also there. The king loved the monkey too much. So he uses to keep the monkey whether the king uses to go.

One day the king was taking rest at his bedroom. and before going to sleep the king told the monkey to stay there and he should see as no one can disturb the king.

While the king was sleeping the monkey was blowing air to the king as the king can sleep peacefully. Suddenly a fly came and started to disturb the king. the fly was shitting sometime on the king’s nose and sometimes the king’s cheek. the monkey tried much time to flew away from the fly but he failed.

At last, the monkey becomes angry and taken a sharp shored and desired to kill the fly. As he has failed much time to make it fly away.

Now the fly has shit on the chest of the king and the monkey tried to hit the fly with all his power with the sharp shored.

The fly flew away but the chest of the king is pieced into two, and the king dies believing a foolish one.


Moral of the story: A enemy is better than a foolish friend

The thirsty crow : Hard work and proper planning can make the solution for every problem

Once upon a time, one hot day when the sun was on the head, one thirsty crow flew over the field. He needed some water to settle his thirst.

So he was flying here and there to find some water, after a long time of fly he becomes very tired and has no energy also.

Almost he lost him all hope, suddenly he found a jug with water. He flew towards the jug but he found the neck of the jug is too narrow to drink of the water. He tried to push his head into the jug also but alas, he can not able to reach the water to drink.

Then he tried to push the jug also to tilt as the water can flow out and he can drink the water, but the jug was too heavy to push.

He lost his hope again, but he needs to drink the water anyhow, as there was no other water which he can drink.

So he thought very hard a few times, he looked here and there and saw some stone chip. Suddenly a good idea came to his mind, and he realized that if he can put the stone chip into the water label will come up, and the crow can be able to drink the water.

As he thought he started to do the work, he flew and collect a stone chip one by one and put it into the water.

After putting a few stones into the water the water level came up enough as the crow can drink the water.

He becomes very happy to find the water which he can drink easily now, and settle his thirst by drinking the water. Thus after doing hard work and by his thought with knowledge, he reached the unreachable.

Moral of the Story: Hard work and proper planning can make the solution for every problem.

The salt seller and the foolish donkey : If you avoid your work it becomes a hill of work

Once upon a time, there was a salt seller in a village, the salt seller has a donkey to carry the salt.

Both the donkey and salt seller have to cross a narrow bridge to reach the next village to sell the salt.

The bag of salt was very heavy and it’s hard to carry the salt bag on its back, but for its oner, the donkey has to carry the salt.

One day when the donkey and the salt seller were crossing the river, the donkey fell into the river. As in the bags, there was salt so it mixed with the water and the bags become relatively less heavy, which was easy to carry for the donkey.

As the donkey seen that by falling into the river it have to carry less weight so all the day the donkey crossing the river it jumped into the river as it seems that the donkey fell into the water. and the weight becomes less and it carries less weight.

But the salt seller getting loses every day for the donkey. So one day he thought to carry cotton instead of salt. but the donkey has done the same and jumped into the river by showing as it has fallen.

but that very day the cotton became heavier due to mixed with the water and it was too heavy to carry for the donkey. But he has to carry the weighted cotton. and finally, the donkey became too tired to die due to his foolishness.

Moral of the story: If you avoid your work it becomes a hill of work.

The bundle of the stick : Unity is a strength

One day there was a farmer in a small village. He has a few little kids in his house, All the day the lids used to fight with each other,

All the day the farmer noticed that and thought in his mind that what they are doing. It made the farmer angry also.

One day he called all the kids to play with him, All came and he gave a stick to each kid, and asked to break that. Each of the kid broke the stick easily,

Then the farmer toke another a few sticks and made a bundle of the sticks and then given to the kid who was first standing in front of him, And asked to break that, But the kid failed to break the bundle of the stick, Then He has given the stick to the second one, and asked for the same, the second kid also failed. Thus he has given the bundle of the stick to all kids one by one and asked to break that but the kids are failed.

Now the farmer told them that if they stay together instead of fighting with each other then nobody can be able to break them, else anybody can herm them who want.

Moral of the story: Unity is a strength.

A short story of the Grasshopper and the Ant : Do your work on time

Once there was a field there used to leave many creatures, among theme there were a grasshopper and an ant. The grasshopper was very lazy and spend his time playing guitar or relaxedly shitting or by slept and don’t use to do any work.

But the ant used to work day and night to collect food and necessary things and also stored the foods and necessary things for the future.

Most of the day the Gresshoper asked the ant to do some rest and spend time relaxing like the grasshopper with him. As they are a good friend also the ant refused to do so and also asked for doing some work and make some savings for the future, But the grasshopper refused and relaxed and started his laziness.

A few days later the winter came, All the outer side becomes frozen and becomes hard to leave for any creature outside of his home.

So it became very hard to survive for the grasshopper, as he has not collected any food and have not made a proper home also.

On the other side, the ant made many savings to survive the winter, And he used to take rest in the winter as its very cold and frozen to go outside.

Now one day came while there was no way to survive for the grasshopper and he realized that the death will come soon, He came to the door of the ant and requested to save him with bowed hands.

Then the ant took his friend to his home and given some hot shoop when the grasshopper becomes warm after taking the hot shoop, he has given thanks to his friend for saving his life, but the ant told him that do proper work and save for future will allow help him.

For mankind also it is happening the same, in the case of students mainly, they do not study and left for the future and finds a hip of the syllabus at the time of the exam.

Moral of the story: Do your work on time.

The wolf and the goat : first think and then act on any other word else it may be deadly

In this part of the story, we are going to listen to another moral story of the wolf and the goat

Once upon a time, there was a village beside a forest, That was a little hilly area. Many animals would go on a hunt for food in the forest and in the hilly area. Many times they are faced hunting animals.

One day a goat went for a walk in the mountains to look for food. it was in a little hight whare grasp was also a little.

At that time a wolf was going through the path for hunting some food. He noticed the goat but it was in a higher place and it was difficult to reach the place.

So the wolf started to thought how to make the goat down as the wolf can hunt the goat easily. As he thought he asked the goat very politely.

“Hei goat how are you. What you are doing there, there is a little grass and not so green also. you can come here, here the county of grass is higher and greener.”

listening that the goat replied, “Hey wolf I know your plan, it none of your business whether I am getting great grass or not, if I am getting food or not, you just want me to go down as you can hunt me easily.”

hearing that the wolf comes to know that it is very difficult to make the goat down so the wolf left from the place.

Moral of the story: first think and then act on any other word else it may be deadly.