Complaining to the wise man.

watch_later Saturday, July 20, 2019
Complaining to the wise man a moral story

A long time ago there was a village and in the village, there was a wise man, people from a long long distance came to him for his advice, Some people also came to him frequently in a short time duration, And complaining about the same issue all the time they came to the wise man.

One day he decided to tell a joke to them, as he thought he told a joke to them, Most of them laughed loudly. After a few minutes, the wise man repeated the same joke now a few people only laughed, again he replied the same joke, Now none of them laughed.

Then the wise man smiled and told to them that if they cannot laugh in the same joke every time, then why they cried over and over at the same problem.

Moral of the story: Worrying cannot solve the problem, it can only make people depressed and waste time.

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